Retail Interior Construction History

Target Corporation

- 8 New Stores
        - 46 Remodels

2016 - 3 New Format Stores
         - 32 Remodels

2015 - GC Direct Ship Projects
         - 2 New Stores
         - 5 Remodels

2014 - Complete Installation of 3 New Stores
         - 7 Remodels, Complete
         -10 Baby 360, Complete Installation     

2013 - Installation of 14 P-Fresh remodels, RS & MR
           105,000-126,000 sq.ft.
         - Complete New Store, Including Mezzanine & Stockroom
         - Baby 360 Rollout, Complete Construction Including Plumbing                   & Electric

BBB Accredited Business
Rating: A +

Retail Interiors

1999 - Present - Installation of 125 New Stores from 105,000-126,000 sq.ft. (Lozier Fixtures)
         a. Complete Interior Installation
         b. Pharmacy
         c. Stockroom complete
         d. Sign Package

Installation Of Full Store Remodels, Installation Of MR & RS Remodels, Installation Of P Fresh Remodels, Installation Of Baby 360 Rollouts, Installation Of Mezzanine, Installation Of 12 Off Site Warehouse Approx: 30,000 sq/ft., Installation Of Anchors For Systemic Reasons. Approx :15,000 sq/ft.

States Service Provided: CT, MA, RI, NJ, NY, PA, NYC, IL , GA, TN, AL, MI, ME.

Lozier Store Fixtures

2017 - Burlington Coat Factory Remodels

Burlington Coat Factory New Stores
         - Special Projects
         - Toys R Us

- Burlington Coat Factory, Complete New Stores

- Burlington Coat Factory, Complete New Stores

2013 - Burlington Coat Factory, Complete Fixture Installation, Supplied Warehouse
         - Burlington Coat Factory, Complete Renovations in Baby & Home, 10 Locations

2011 - Present - Installed Famous Footwear, Burlington Coat Factory (Complete New Stores) + Renovations/Other Locations

1999 2006 - Installed 42 New Giant Food Stores

1969 - Present - Worked with Lozier Fixture Installations For Fortune 500 Retail Store Companies
                            a. Complete Fixture Installations
                            b. Pharmacy Installation

2004 - 2006 - Installed 82 Office Depot Stores

1999 - 2006 - Installed Various Napa, Ace, The Sports Authority, Veterans Canteen, PGA Golf

1999 - 2007 - Signatory Installation Contractor For Warranty Work     
States Service Provided: CT, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN VA, WV, IL.

Schimenti Construction

2016 - T.J. Maxx, Gap Stores

2015 - Remodels

- T.J. Maxx Complete New Store, Fitting Rooms, Stockrooms, Advertising, Checkout

2013 -  Home Goods, Complete Fixture Installation         
         -  Zara Department Stores, Complete Fixture Installation, Manhattan, NY.

States Service Provided: CT, DE, FL, GA, IN, KY, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, RI, SC, TN, VA, WV, IL.

Ross Display

2016 - New Nike Stores
         - Nordstrom Rack


2016 - University of Illinois

2015 - Cornell University

- JCPenney, Stockroom


2017 - Whole Foods

2016 - Store Remodel

2015 -  Whole Foods - Manhattan, N.Y. 

 - Bed Bath and Beyond, Remodel, Advertising 

Great Adventure

2016 - Sky Bar
         - Pump House

Meg Store Fixtures

2015 - Macy's, NYC

- Lord & Taylor Stockrooms, Complete Installation Package

2013 - Lord & Taylor Stockrooms, Complete Installation Package    
States Service Provided: VA, DE.

VS Construction

2009Pet Smart, Complete Installation Of 22 New Stores


2015 - 2017 - 9 New Stores

- Present - New Store Installations (Lozier & Madix Store Fixtures)
         a. Complete Installation Package
         b. Worked With Intense Scheduling
         c.  Supplied Dumpsters
         d.  Installed All Pharmacy Departments Complete
         e.  Install Sign Package

 States Service Provided: NY, NJ, PA.

Horizon Retail Construction

2014 - Walgreens, 215 Store Stockroom Rollout.
         - Davids T, GC, Complete New Store, Walls, Floor, Plumbing, Electric

2013 - Burlington Coat Factory, Complete Fixture Renovation Of Home & Baby Departments
         - CVS, Installation of 4 Stores, Complete Construction Of Clinics, Plumbing & Electric

BJS Wholesale Club

2014 - 2 New Stores, Complete Interior Fixture Installation

2013 - New Store, Complete Interior Fixture Installation

2012 - 3 New Stores      

States Service Provided:
 NJ, NY, MA.

Home Depot

1989 - Present - Installation of 16 New Stores
         a. Entire Installation
         b. Pallet Racking (Approx. 1000 Bays, 16 Beams/Section)
         c. Installed All Vendor Displays
         d. Installed Approx. 20 Kitchens/Store

1989 - 2006 - Safety Inspections and Repairs for 156 Stores Throughout Entire Northeast
         a. Inspected All Steel in Entire Store
         b. Ordered, Delivered and Installed All Steel for Repairs

Macy's Department Stores

2012 - Installation of Temp Walls, Flagship Store, Herald Square, N.Y.      

Ames Department Stores

1998 - 2002 - Installation of 45 New Stores from 58,000- 75,000 sq/ft. (Lozier and Streater Fixtures) 
        a. Installed Entire Interior
        b. Painted All Complete
        c. Installed Entire Stockroom Ranging from 8,000 - 20,000 sq/ft. (All Stockrooms include Pallet Racking and Light Duty Shelving)

2001 - 2002 - Complete Renovation of 110 Hills Department Stores from 45,000 - 98,000 sq/ft. 
        a. Installation of All Gondolas ( Lozier and Streater Fixtures)
        b. Painted 135 Stores Complete
        c. Minor Construction of Corner Walls
        d. Floor Tile repairs approx: 5,000 sq/ft/store
        e. Installed All Slot-Wall Soft Good Walls and Fitting Rooms
        f.  Entire Advertising Package

States Service Provided: CT, IL, IN. MA, NE, NJ, NY, OH, PA, WV

Apec Display Inc.

2002 - Installation of Duane Reed Drug Store Approx: 8,000sq/ft.
         a.  All Slot Wall         
         b.  All Fixtures

2001 - Installation Of Offices Offsite Warehouse.

2001 - Complete Renovation Of Brookpark Store
         a.  Complete Tear Out
         b.  All New Offices
         c.  All New Fixtures

State Service Provided: NJ.

Bob Kislans Sporting Goods Store

2001 - Complete Renovation Of Brookpark Store
         a.  Complete Tear Out         
         b.  All New Offices       
         c.  All New Fixtures

Years Of Construction Experience

The contractors at Pala Construction have years of experience working on various retail interior construction jobs. We have a proven track record of results and can work closely with you to achieve the new look you are going for.

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